Currently on show at Olivier Sarkozy’s swank Upper East Side abode (Also Richard Avedon’s former studio) is an exhibition showcasing works from the eccentric Canadian artist Terrence Koh.
“In keeping with a common Koh all-white trope, the studio has been turned into a smoky white room, the floor and walls gessoed into a white landscape of slopes eliminating the right angles of the room. After removing their

shoes to enter the room, guests are treated to the “flowers,” gorgeous readymade canvases, simply constructed from corn syrup and powdered sugar. The results are sweet and mesmerizing in their simplicity, a delicate tribute to the French poet’s Les Fleurs du mal.” – Cool Hunting

Make sure you check out our very own interview with Koh in our latest issue of the new order here.
Or visit his website here.


Flowers for Baudelaire
Open Tuesday-Thursday, 11-6pm
Through January 2009
407 East 75th Street
New York, NY 10021

Info: CoolHunting