Following the opening last night of the highly anticipated “TERRYWOOD” exhibition from renowned photographer Terry Richardson at OHWOW LA, here is a comprehensive look at the unveiling of the night. With the attendence reading as a who’s who in Hollywood, the night made for a hugely successful launch of one of the most talked about exhibitions in recent times.

With images such as Untitled (Hollywood Neon), and Untitled (Nude), both photographs of the proverbial chintzy signs thatare ubiquitous throughout Hollywood, Richardson illustrates his proclivity for branding whatever subject matter heapproaches. Through a medium not typically understood as effective in translating an artist’s personality, Richardson man-ages to make his hand evident within his photographs. His identity is unmistakably present here, as if he created the veryobjects and scenes his camera captures.

An artist often attributed with changing the field of photography, Richardson also defies the ideological limitations of thepractice, while redefining an epitome. TERRYWOOD takes all that Hollywood represents – the celebrity, broken dreams,kitsch, and sorted history – but, just as with all of Richardson’s well-known work, he re-contextualizes familiar imagery,re-identifying it with characteristics reflective of his own persona, imparting them with a different narrative.

OHWOW Gallery, Los Angeles, CA ©Patrick McMullan