To celebrate their 11th anniversary author Dave Egger’s hipster publishing house McSweeney’s is set to publish an anthology of artwork from their novels and periodicals.  From novels with hand illustrated covers by the authors to journals bound by magnets, or designed to look like junk mail. The sharp wit, gorgeous design, and playful why not invention of McSweeney’s have earned them a large and loyal following.

It may be achingly cool, but in these days when major publishers are no longer taking risks and only releasing books guaranteed to be bestsellers, McSweeney’s has been doing a great job of getting the work of some of the quirkier and less mainstream authors out there, and creating collectible tomes that are as much fun to look at as they are to read.  “The Art of McSweeney’s”features hundreds of images, interviews with collaborators such as Chris Ware and Michael Chabon, and dozens of insights into McSweeney’s quirky creative process and the visual experience of reading.

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