The latest video from Mercedes-Benz’ Avantgarde Diaries features Apartamento Magazine founder Marco Velardi and Our Legacy founder Christopher Nying, two very important names in today’s style landscape.

When Milan-based Marco Velardi founded Apartamento magazine together with his Spanish friends Omar Sosa and Nacho Allegre, they revolutionized the monotonous genre of interior design magazines. Instead of perfectly styled interiors, Apartamento shows apartments the way they really are; lived-in, sometimes untidy and not perfect but all the more personal and interesting. Besides publishing the magazine, Marco Velardi, at his very young age of 28, works as a creative consultant, lecturer and freelance writer for publications like The New York Times’ T Magazine and Interview Magazine. His schedule is pretty tight, so we caught up with him in Stockholm, where he was giving a lecture. Stockholm is also the home base of Marco’s favorite menswear brand Our Legacy. Their perfect balance between sophisticated looks, unconventional fits, bright patterns and high quality won Our Legacy appreciation among the streetwear-loving crowd from the beginning on. Co-Founder and designer Christopher Nying and his sartorial vision are what Marco considers ahead of time: “it’s almost like Christopher is visualizing ahead of me what I would like to wear in six months.”