There’s no doubting the influence of The Face – especially in my life. The legendary culture magazine has just been added to London’s Design Museum’s permanent collection, alongside the likes of the Sony Walkman and the AK47 rifle. The Guardian asked Nick Logan, the magazine’s founder(also the founder of Smash Hits and Arena) to run down his most important 5 covers.

1. Jerry Dammers, May 1980

This was the launch issue. I had been advised that “the Face” was too abstract, and I should have the word monthly in the title, and I knew I could find something more current for a first cover than the Specials. But they embodied everything the magazine aspired to – they had a look, a passion, and great music – so there was never an alternative. In a ­sentimental way too, I owed 2 Tone a debt for the inspiration to pursue the idea. And, as it was my savings at risk, I could call it what I liked – after all, the Face was to be my escape from a career where too often I struggled to ­explain myself to publishers or committees. No focus groups here: I was purely, wholeheartedly, ­following instinct.

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