One of the most significant artists at present Takashi Murakami (The New Order Issue 2) is showcasing some of his work in association with the François Pinault Foundation in Venice from 9th – 11th June. For his visit, Palazzo Grassi is organising “Murakami World“, three days dedicated to Japanese art and culture.

From the bookshop to the cafeteria, activities for children to the public lecture in the L’Opera Parla all activities and services will have a Japanese flavour. The three days will culminate on Friday 11th June with the public lecture “From Nihonga to Superflat”, presented by Murakami and Nobuo Tsuji a Japanese art historian, Rector of the Tama University in Tokyo and Director of the Miho Museum in Kyoto.

If you are in Venice this is worth a visit.

More info can be seen here