Here is a further look at the The Green Box Project by Beck’s, with a look at what well known Los Angeles based photographer Kenneth Cappello has created. I caught up with Kenneth to discuss everything from photography to Beck’s, and most importantly the subject of his project his very own chihuahua Cicciolina while we have some exclusive shots documenting the process of Kenneth’s project coming together.

SLAMXHYPE / Can you please tell us a bit about your childhood?

KENNETH CAPPELLO / I grew up in Texas mostly. My childhood wasn’t normal looking back on it, but it felt normal at the time growing up. I usually had bad grades, never graduated high school. I always had a lot of pets, played sports – but was never good at them except soccer. I was learning golf but then one day i came across a skateboard and that  changed everything… how I looked, how i thought, what music I listened too, everything. If I never started skating I’d probably be working at a mall in florida or something. Back then skating was obviously different –  it wasn’t accepted, people hated it. It was punk. It wasn’t a sport. Got in a lot in fights cause you were a skater. Skating led to everything for me. If I had never found that skateboard, my life would have ended up totally different.

SLAMXHYPE / What interests and you about photography?

KENNETH CAPPELLO / I just like photos. I was drawn to them really early. I was setting up photo shoots at a really young age, posing this parrot i had with my stuffed animals. I  was making punk rock shrines with cassette tapes and plastic skulls and taking photos of them. When I used to buy records and cassettes, the first thing I’d look at were the photos. I  was really into the photos and album art work. Then my dad gave me a camera when i was really young. I started taking photos early. These older kids I hung out with started a skate/punk fanzine and I had a camera so they said you can be the lead photographer.

SLAMXHYPE / What have you been working on recently? Any interesting projects.

KENNETH CAPPELLO / I’ve been working on a couple different books. One on the band The Kills, documenting them for the past 5 years, that should be out soonish. Then a book on MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters, and then a third one on Cicciolina, my dog. Books take so long or maybe I’m just lagging-  I’m not sure, but ya got about three or four books in the works.

SLAMXHYPE / Your chihuahua Cicciolina is somewhat a celebrity, can tell us in your own words your relationship with the bog?

KENNETH CAPPELLO / Cicciolina is like my kid or maybe my wife, I’m not sure… she’s part of my life everyday and she’s definitely more like a person or a alien rather than a dog.

SLAMXHYPE / What are your thoughts on the Green Box initiative founded by Beck’s?

KENNETH CAPPELLO / It’s definitely cool for an artist to be able to see there work presented in this kind of scope. Augmented Reality is pretty new we will see were it goes… it also gives a lot of people who wouldn’t normally come across your art a chance to see it.

SLAMXHYPE / What are your thoughts about working with a company the size of Beck’s? I know the funding can only be a positive but do you feel having a corporate company like Beck’s behind you to have an influence either positive or negative?

KENNETH CAPPELLO / Nothing negative nooo, they have the funding and that makes something like this possible. The whole corporate thing that means nothing to me anymore. Maybe when I was 18 the word corporate was bad but, I mean I work in commercial photography. It is what it is. And when you get to do what you want, it’s the best scenario possible.

SLAMXHYPE / Can you please tell us about what you have done for your project, and why you wanted to do this?

KENNETH CAPPELLO / Cicciolina vs. The World. It’s my take on her taking over the world…she’s a 4 pound dog, but she still wants to fuck shit up and be heard.

SLAMXHYPE / Can you tell us a bit about how you approached the project and your process for implementing your idea.

KENNETH CAPPELLO / I mocked it up, presented it, then did a photoshoot with Cicciolina and 5 of her dog friends in a studio…then made the shoot come to life.

SLAMXHYPE / How do you think it will be received by the public?

KENNETH CAPPELLO / I’m not sure. I think it’s good for the general public. People will definitely be surprised. It’s not a complicated statement. It’s a chihuahua. She’s cute, she’s funny, she’s got attitude, she wants to be heard…I think its easy enough to swallow for most people.

SLAMXHYPE / What is planned for the launch of your project for the Green Box Project?

KENNETH CAPPELLO / Cicciolina is getting her own Facebook page, a spot at the Orange County Fair and a lot of press. It will be seen all over the world. Before this she’s been known in NY and LA, but this makes her larger than life.