Part of the recently launched Green Box Project initiative from Beck’s, Los Angeles based artist created a quite exceptional installation. To bring further light to his ‘Wildlife’ box, we decided to catch up with Sage and find out a bit more about the man himself and his project.

SLAMXHYPE / Can you please tell us a bit about your background and what influenced you to become
an artist?
SAGE VAUGHN / I went to school to become a doctor.
SLAMXHYPE / Can you go into a bit of detail about your philosophy and style of work?
SAGE VAUGHN / I hope to depict the instinctual channel that exists within all of us. A base consciousness where i believe innate truth and beauty survives. To highlight the singular in the quotidian chaos.
SLAMXHYPE / What are your thoughts on the current gallery scene?
SAGE VAUGHN / There is a lot going on right now, I couldn’t begin to think about it all.
SLAMXHYPE / Wildlife is a common theme in your work, what excited and interests you in wildlife?
SAGE VAUGHN / I love coyotes. It must be such a strange moment when a tame dog looks at a coyote through a chain link fence. I bet it’s very interesting for both animals involved.
SLAMXHYPE / What are your thoughts on the Beck’s Green Box Project? What enticed you to be
SAGE VAUGHN / Im excited to see more artwork in people’s daily lives. I think the more we can use technology to help people access inspiration, the more enjoyable our lives will be.
SLAMXHYPE / Can you go into detail about your project for the Green Box?
SAGE VAUGHN / It’s a story about unexpected comrades.
SLAMXHYPE / How did you implement your idea? Can you explain the process?
SAGE VAUGHN / I wrote a story using images. Then, I created a number of paintings which I turned over to the animators. They did the rest. I still haven’t seen the final result, I can’t wait to see how it looks in
SLAMXHYPE / How important is the involvement of Beck’s? Did you have any reservations about being
associated with a big name? What are the positives?
SAGE VAUGHN / Because I don’t drink, I am hoping to be the first person sponsored by the non-alcoholic branch of a beer company. Or at least a lifetime supply of Becks non-alcoholic beer.
SLAMXHYPE / What is the significance of launching your project in Milan? It is not a place that people are to familiar with your work so must have been interesting.
SAGE VAUGHN / I hope it will make people smile, or at least look at a common edifice a bit differently.
SLAMXHYPE / What do you envisage for the future of the Green Box Poject, personally and on the bigger scale with the entire 30 artsist over the next 3 years?
SAGE VAUGHN / I hope it brings more chances for people to experience art in their daily lives. It’s a noble goal for Becks, I’m glad theyve found a way to combine culture and advertising in a mutually beneficial manner.
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