Opening in 1982, the Hacienda was the brain child of Factory Records, New Order and the record label’s Tony Wilson. It saw legendary performances from New Order, Joy Division and The Smiths who all played a key role in the emerging music venue scene. Eventually closing its doors in 1997, the venue was demolished in 2007 and now we get to experience the reconstruction of the famous musical house. Architect Ben Kelly and designers Ben Cox and Bill Holding at Morph have produced two detailed digital art prints that will be launched at the Buy Arts Fair in Manchester 24-27th September and also at the Zoo Art Fair in London 16-9th  October. Gracing the eastern and western walls of the venues, the recreation of the 2007 venue before its demolition is as Ben Kelly puts it; ‘It’s really a hybrid collaboration. Lurid colours on columns supporting a monochromatic container – a ghost in the machine.’ 

You will be able to buy a version of the prints which are part of a limited run of 150 and both versions are printed on 410 gsm Somerset Tub paper, measuring 615mm x 765mm, supposedly from Paul Stolper Gallery website, however release date is unconfirmed. 

Check out the images of the reconstructed space here.


Source: Creative Review