The question around the closure of Deitch Projects and the future of its alumni has been answered. Rumours around curator Kathy Grayson taking over the space, have been answered by the announcement of Grayson’s partnership with Meghan Coleman in a new space called The Hole NYC. The Hole NYC will represent many of the familiar faces we’ve come to see at Deitch, when it opens 26 June at 104 Greene Street, New York.

The inaugural group show, “Not Quite Open for Business,” opens June 26. In coming months, the Hole will feature a solo show by artist Mat Brinkman and an installation by Kenny Scharf and the artist collective Dearraindrop. A small back-room shop (to be named Holey Books) will stock art books and rare graffiti tools. And Ms. Grayson and Ms. Coleman plan to introduce quirky side projects, like a dating service for artists (called Hole Lotta Love).

Ms. Grayson and Ms. Coleman said their goal is to create a gallery responsive to ideas generated by its artists. “Most of the artists we know have dealers calling them, saying, ‘We need five new paintings by November,'” Ms. Grayson said. “We ask them, ‘What do you want to see at the gallery?'”

Info: WSJ