Participating in such a niche bubble culture its very easy to lose sight of the true reach we have as purveyors of culture. Naturally upon first hearing about the Maverick project Marcus Troy had bestowed upon I immediately became intrigued with the possible reactions and entries it would receive. This was a true opportunity for the playing field to be leveled a bit and those who were on the outside looking in to present their stories. As anticipated, the project has garnered an amazing reaction from industry participants, to the next generation of brand innovators looking to have their voices heard. My interview with Marcus really provided an insight into the projects inspiration and his future aspirations. One of the more candid interviews I’ve participated in from one of the cultures purest thinkers and rising personas.

Interview: Anthony Coleman

SLAMXHYPE / You seem to have a great working relationship with Nike and NSW, but the Maverick project seems to have a very different approach from anything Nike has done in recent times. What inspired you to engage with Nike on the Maverick project?
MARCUS TROY / I was truly inspired by the stories of the Nike running Mavericks so I wanted to tell their stories but I also wanted to engage my audience and get their point of view of what being a Maverick meant to them.

SLAMXHYPE / As the idea of the project begun to formulate into something that could be presented and accepted at the consumer level, what were your immediate goals you sought to accomplish with its introduction?
MARCUS TROY / My first goal was to tell the stories and hope that people would get inspired to share their personal stories. I wanted to create a platform where people could interact and learn about other people as they shared their stories. The feedback thus far has been nothing but amazing and I am looking forward to part 2 of this project with the introduction of the Iphone App where users can now take pictures of people they deem Mavericks and write about them!

SLAMXHYPE / How has the response been on the consumer level for the project?
MARCUS TROY / What’s truly amazing about this project is that people were thanking me for bringing such a project to fruition. They could not believe I would team up with such a power house like Nike and bring them this cool niche project. So many people have been able to connect with other “mavericks” and actually start businesses and friendships together which is great! I created a mini Social Media site which was just fantastic.

SLAMXHYPE / From an influencers level have you seen any resistance towards the projects inclusion of those who are normally seen the consumer?
MARCUS TROY / Actually I haven’t seen any resistance at all. Everyone was extremely welcoming and engaging towards the project. I wanted to give a voice to the so called consumer and I think I succeeded.

SLAMXHYPE / With such an intimate level of engagement presented by some of the stories posted on the Mavericks site were there ever any concerns with the content presented with having such a corporate identity such as Nike attached to it?
MARCUS TROY / I would like to think the concerns were merely based on the unknowns. A project like this has never really been done before so I did the due diligence and I decided to take the risk anyway and allow people free expression. It was 99.9 percent positive so I never really ran into any issues or other concerns.

SLAMXHYPE / You recently released the Mavericks application which furthers the reach and instant connection with the inspirational stories what was your reasoning behind the inclusion of such an app?
MARCUS TROY / The APP is such a wonderful addition to this fantastic project. You can now share your story of being a Maverick or you can share the story of someone you believe to be a Maverick. I am hoping people will take pictures of the Mavericks in their lives an upload it straight to the app which will then update the microsite.

SLAMXHYPE / How has Nike’s involvement with the project helped in seeding your message?
MARCUS TROY / Nike has been able to embrace culture on such an intimate level with this project and provide the resources to help bring such a project to fruition. Being able to partner up with such an influential and innovative company as Nike has been a great honor and pleasure.

SLAMXHYPE / What is the next step in the progression of Mavericks?
MARCUS TROY / I want to bring these stories and project to a coffee table book near you! I would love to open up the forum to industry Mavericks and insiders and conduct round table discussions to influence the future Mavericks.

SLAMXHYPE / You ask the sharers of the project to describe what makes them a Maverick, I ask you what is your definition of a Maverick and how do you fit that role?
MARCUS TROY / My definition of a Maverick changes daily as I progress in this world. The one common attribute is the ability to think for yourself and go against the grain or challenge popular belief when you have to make your moves. I think I am a future Maverick of this world making my way 1 step at a time.

SLAMXHYPE / Are there any closing remarks you would like to share?
MARCUS TROY / I want to thank Slamxhype for truly embracing this culture and for taking the time to document the relevant things that matter in our world beyond hype.
Thank You!

Visit The Mavericks Project Here as well as keep up todate with Marcus Troy at his blog and Twitter page.

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