Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery announces the opening of The New Grand Tour. The original concept of the grand tour was born in the late sixteenth century when it became fashionable for young aristocrats to visit the great cities of Europe such as Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome, as the culmination of their classical education.

The New Grand Tour is now an opportunity for a group of unique and talented artists to interact with foreign cultures in an appreciative and organic way. The group of artists including Deanne Cheuk, Rey Parlá, Rostarr, Davi Russo and José Parlá, all made the adventure in the New Grand Tour and headed to the Far East, in search of the mystical city of Shangri La. This wide-ranging body of work, now showcased in The New Grand Tour exhibition opening on June 4th 2010, brings together a diverse group of voices united through their individual and collective experiences on this tour, which reflects both the visual and sensory inspiration they encountered in the many destinations of this shared travelogue.

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See preview images of works below.

Jose Parla

Rey Parla


Deanna Cheuk

Davi Russo

Images Arrested Motion