It has been a long time coming and now I am happy to release the news of our print magazine, THE NEW ORDER latest issue will release in March. I take great pride in the small team I have around me and all the contributors that make this magazine come together. Issue 4 features two covers with Adam Kimmel and Ben Drury, in addition we have some really exciting content with the likes of Undercover, WTAPS, Soulland and A.P.C. amongst the fashion articles. We also have some great entries from NGAP, Rip Zinger, Keiichi Nitta while a personal favourite of mine is an in depth interview with the creator of the Ricoh GR camera, Hisao Yuasa while there is much, much more exciting editorial inside the magazine.

For queries about sales please feel free to contact the following distributors in your region /

Europe / SLAM JAM

Japan / PARK Inc.


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