I often get asked about availability of THE NEW ORDER, and with the latest issue a sign of huge improvement with the magazine here is a handful of stores who already have the magazine. SlamJam, colette and Haven are amongst the first stores to have the magazine, while a host of stores in Japan like EditionHeather Grey Wall, Tower Records, Bonjour Records amongst others have the magazine in Japan there will be plenty more around the world to have the magazine over the next week or so so stay tuned.

With cover art work by Daido Moriyama along with labels like Arts & Science, Woolrich Woolen Mills, kolor Thom Browne, White Mountaineering, Cassette Playa, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Porter Classic, CASH CA, Neighborhood amongst those featured while artists like Peter Sutherland, Agathe Snow and Brett Westfall contributing in fine fashion I have received good feedback from the likes of Shinsuke Takizawa and Takashi Kumagai while press from Honeyee.com and HOUYHNHNM has gone a long way so look out for the magazine and get your hands on a copy.

Europe / SLAM JAM

Japan / STAYPUFT inc.