To explore the use of projection within our contemporary art world today, Aperture Foundation at The New School presents a panel discussion as part of the tenth season of the series ‘Confounding Expectations: Photography in Context’. Displaying still photographic images, projection can create a near-cinema quality with sound and high definition picture, which can bring a sense of life and evolvement to a series of images rather than the large scale, framed photographs that are almost always present in museums and galleries. This use f medium is used by artists such as Jeff Wall, Andreas Gursky, and Gregory Crewdson. The talk is to take place on the 10th December 2009 with a free entry at The New School Tishman Auditorium 66 West 12th Street New York, New York. 

George Baker, associate professor of art history, UCLA will moderate the discussion, along with a panel of artists that includes Andrea Geyer, Paul Pfeiffer, and Kristof Wodiczco.

Jeff Wall/ Retrospective/ Museum Of Modern Art MOMA Video,

Andreas Gursky ‘ZOOM’ Video,