ShootBooth is an interesting concept from New York, which is a business providing a temporary photo booth service for those that are addicted to taking pictures of themselves.

“Designed to resemble a gigantic, antiquated camera, the eight-foot long encasement actually houses a professional-quality digital SLR camera, complete with a built-in lighting setup. Photo subjects can enter the camera “body” (or pop their head in from one of the side openings) and press the button to activate a countdown to the picture. At the end of the night, the resulting shots can be printed or burned to CD.

The backdrop to the ShootBooth is completely customizable. Depending on the theme of your party, the booth can be outfitted accordingly. And to ensure that you strike the optimum pose, the camera takes the picture from behind a one-way mirror that acts as a photo preview.”

Perhaps this is the western world’s answer to the Japanese Sticker photo booth, which i am a huge fan of (not really). A great concept nonetheless.

Check out some of the images from the ShootBooth below. or check out their website here.

Info: CoolHunting