The Talk’s latest high profile subject is the legendary Bruce Weber. The Talks have a unique ability to not only convince some very high profile talent to take part in their interviews, but also get them to really open up.

Mr. Weber, what’s your favorite picture you have ever taken?

A picture of my mom and dad. It was the last vacation I took with them. I am proud of that picture. I think it is exposed beautifully, I think it is posed beautifully. I think my Dad looked like Paul Newman when he was really young, really handsome. My mom was very beautiful and they were really into each other. They were like young lovers when they were older. So I look at it and I see them as young lovers in that picture. I love that photo the most.

You take pictures, publish books, and direct movies. What do you consider your job description?

I am someone who wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks about the things that I hope for. I end up putting those things in my films and my photographs and my books.

Besides dreaming, what keeps you going?

I try to have a big life. I visit different painters in their studios whose work I like. I maybe do stories on them or photograph them. Sometimes I take a trip. I have been doing a lot of trips around America recently. I’ve been going down south a lot, down in Mobile, I spent a lot of time in New Orleans.

How come?

I like the characters there. I like to meet people on the road. I have also always felt really close to words. I guess if I had to choose something that has really inspired me for my work, it is words and reading. It is weird for me to do this interview today, because I am usually behind…

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