Photographer and SLAMXHYPE favourite, Ryan McGinley is the latest to feature on The Talks. The dedicated Q & A site, with a knack for flushing out high profile talent spoke to McGinley about his work and style.

Mr. McGinley, Robert Frank once said, “There is one thing that a photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment”. Do you have the same approach?

It has to feel real and feeling real sort of means feeling human, but my world is all fantasy and Robert Frank’s world is all reality. However, within my world of fantasy I am searching for moments that seem like reality. Does that make sense? Often it’s really just about the insanity of what’s going on when I am shooting and then finding that one moment that seems kind of human is a big part of the art.

Do you remember the first objects you became obsessed with taking pictures of?

When I started to shoot I took pictures of literally everything: outside airplane windows, the food that I was eating, homeless people sleeping in the park, people playing basketball, my friends – literally whatever was in my life. It was like an obsession! Then over a few years I figured out that I really liked action, nature, and nudity. Those three things are a major part of what I do. I am always searching for something that I never would expect to happen.

Speaking of your friends, Dash Snow played an especially big role in your early work. How did you two meet?

I met Dash through this graffiti-writer named Earsnot who I have known since I was fifteen years old. I grew up skateboarding with him. When I moved to New York I started dating guys and then someone said, “You know that guy, Earsnot? He’s gay, too.” We became really close friends because within a skateboarding community there were not many gay people – and especially not in graffiti. When I met Dash with him, we had this instant bond; we were like best friends from the first minute on.

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