The Velvet Underground were one of the first art bands.  They were an integral part of Andy Warhol’s Factory, and he designed the cover to their first album, which featured a peelable banana.  They inspired generations on punk and alt groups with their simple, aggressive and freeform approach to music and truly paved the way for street culture to be taken seriously as an art form.  “The Velvet Underground – New York Art” is a new book from Rizzoli, edited by Johan Kugelberg which examines how the posters, flyers and artwork created to promote the band and their gigs extended their interest in art, it also features photographs, essays and comments from  Lou Reed and Mo Tucker from the band, plus playwright and ex-President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel, and critic Jon Savage.


The book is available now from Rizzoli, a special limited edition is also available which features a special windowed clamshell box, vinyl slipcover which features early album artwork and a 7” single of two tracks signed by members of the band.