For the first time in history, New York City’s iconic water tanks will be used as canvases for public art. Twelve feet high, thirteen feet in diameter, made mostly of redwood, water tanks can be seen from almost every corner of the City.

With the support of the City of New York, we present The Water Tank Project(TWTP). For twelve weeks during Summer 2013, TWTP will transform the skyline by converting water tanks across all five boroughs into works of art on the subject of water. Artists participating in TWTP will donate original works of art, which we will scan and print on vinyl material that will be installed on carefully selected tanks. These artist-designed tanks will spark a global dialogue about the future of one of our most precious and endangered resources: WATER.

Public art takes place outside museum and gallery walls. It is free, open 24 hours a day, and accessible to everyone. Kickstarter allows us the opportunity to realize our dream of funding this landmark public art event by the same community it serves: you the people!