Tim Artz, is a favourite here on SLAMXHYPE and his work speaks for itself. The creator of The Duffed Out Zine, Tim Artz is a name that is well established and still aiming to conquer the art world as his presence grows and develops. Having worked with the likes of Krink and aNYthing, Tim has given his time to answer some questions as we find out more about the scene, his neighborhood as we try to work out where the second drawer is.


SLAMXHYPE – Can you tell us a bit about where you are from?

TIM ARTZ – Right now I’m sitting in my studio in my house in the historic and diverse Germantown section of Philadelphia. I’ve lived in Lower Manhattan the last 10 years, but I’m holding down Happy Hollow right now.

SXH – What did you want to be when you were a child?

TA – I had a pretty active plan of things to do when I was little, I wanted to skate, write on walls, crack on fools, draw pictures, make cartoons, make movies and never have to get up before 11am. Some of it worked out.


SXH – How did you get your first breakthrough?

TA – I don’t know what a breakthrough is really, but there was a pretty decent picture of me stage diving on an Agnostic Front record in 1998. And I made this zine in 1993 that got a ton of people really mad.

SXH – Where do you find inspiration and influence on a daily basis?

TA – Talking to my friends, reading the newspaper, listening to 1010 wins, kraftwerk, travel, kamakazi fanzine, watching youtube videos, all the stuff Jonathon Richman says between and during songs on the live Modern Lovers record, Precise Modern Lovers, espo artwork, reas artwork, dustward artwork, fiend behavior, the city, the suburbs, the country, the shore, my family, my friends, riding bikes and skating 2 foot tall banks with other 30+ year olds.


SXH – Anyone you desire to work with/for?

TA – No, not off the top of my head. I feel like I should make some record covers and skateboards right now. But I might be real busy.
SXH – What’s the best thing about the city you live in? why?

TA – In New York I like to walk or ride around and see randoms and friends unexpectedly in every part of the city. In Philadelphia, for me, its Germantown.


SXH – Where is the best place to eat? why?

TA – In New York its Angelica Kitchen, in Philly I support New Harmony Vegetarian.
AK is the O.G. organic vegan restaurant that every other organic vegan restaurant in the entire world bites.

New harmony is traditional American Chinese food made with all mock meats, there’s lots of these places out there but Ming holds the General Tso’s crown.
SXH – Best Shop in your city? why?

TA – I don’t really buy anything, but I’ll say for espresso and coffee La Colombe is best in New York and Philly.


SXH – Best Gallery in your city? why?

In Philadelphia its on 10th and Market.
In New York its… pass.

SXH – Favourite place to visit? why?

TA – Besides trips out of the country, and some road trip adventures up and down the east coast I pretty much only hold down the northeast of the US for as long as i have been on this planet.

The only place I have repeatedly visited is San Francisco. Its a cool place to stay for some time and then come back to home from.


SXH – What do you think of the current climate of the art scene? why?

TA – I heard it all moved back to its mom’s house in Jersey or Ohio or wherever. Why? Lack of proper funding.
SXH – What artists are changing the way we think at the moment?

TA – Dan Murphy is in my opinion the most notable artist of my generation. He has made new, ultra-consistent thought forming artwork with printmaking, collage, video, animation, photography, posters, reclaimed images and signage since way back in the 90’s. All of it has the same theme of meticulously organized chaotic heavy imagery running through it. He’s responsible for many influential publications including Megawords, Stuck on the Map, and Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia.He has artwork along with Rebekah Maysles in the new Grey Gardens book. Together we just finished the Landlords Cycling Club book which is sure to create some important dialouge on planet earth. Dan’s real cool, he’s way above regular bullshit, he really just does his own thing.


SXH – Any artists that perhaps we should look out for? why?

TA – Dan Murphy, Rebekah Maysles, and Stefan Simikich. Those are my friends. They are all extremely driven and accomplished at what they do. None of them give a fuck what anyone thinks about them. Stefan wears headphones 24 hours a day. Rebekah talks a lot. Dan was discussed above. I’ve been lucky enough to work with all three of them at the same time and its real powerful, there’s some real intensity to our sessions that some people have gotten vibed by. I’m looking forward to working with all of them again real soon.

And Jesse Geller. That guy is something else.

In terms of graffiti I think skrew is on top, just look into his track record over the last 3 years.


SXH – Where do you see the art scene in 10 years time?

TA – I don’t know, totally radical I’m sure. Everyone drives in Jetson’s cars. Its the future – 2019.

SXH – Whats green, fluffy and lives in your second drawer?

TA – I’m trying to figure out where the second drawer is.