On May 1st, Tokujin Yoshioka’s highly anticipated solo exhibition opened at Museum.BeyondMuseum in Seoul, Korea, entitled “SPECTRUM”, the largest solo exhibition Tokujin has ever had and it contains his most important works. The two main works would be ‘Rainbow Church’ 2006-2010, Tokujin’s dream architectural project. At this exhibition, the most important part of the architecture will be presented and ‘Waterfall’ 2005-2006, the world’s largest optical glass table. It is originally designed for a private gallery located in the heart of Tokyo.

Other stand outs include; a paper chair that has honeycomb structure, a chair in which the structure consists of thin fibers, a chair that is completed by letting natural crystal grow on the structure, a n installation created from plastic straws and was presented for the first time at Design Miami 2007, a bench made from special optical glass. The dynamic shape looks as if it is sculptured from a block of water and a Rainbow Chair; intended to express the strong sunlight of Miami through a prism made out of a special glass.

See images from the exhibition below- they are amazing!

Portrait image from Design Boom