Fans of Tomoo Gokita (SLAMXHYPE most definitely included) will be happy to hear the Japanese painter has just opened a new solo show at New York’s Mary Boone Gallery. Applying his incredible use of acrylic gouache and charcoal to canvas, Gokita has created voluminous monochromatic studies of everyday subjects with entirely unique results. His abstractions can be reminiscent of the Cubists or Surrealists but they are equally informed by pop art and film noir – titles include Showgirl, Geisha Girl, A Bathing Beauty, Cocktail Pianist from Acapulco, Daughter of a Fraudster, A Female Spy, etc.

Don’t miss this show if you’re in town. The exhibition will run through 1 March 2014 at Mary Boone Gallery, 541 West 24 Street, NYC.