Photographers James Pearson-Howes and Will Robson-Scott recently put together a body of works for an exhibition entitled TOP DECK. A series of images made over the course of two years on the top deck of east London buses giving a new a perspective on the monotony of the every day commute. The work will result in a newspaper publication and a two week show at renowned advertising agency, Mother.

Foreword for the publication is written by journalist Justin Quirk, who writes for the Guardian and is the editor of HOUSE magazine. Here is a little excerpt:

“In popular myth, Margaret Thatcher reportedly said that any man still travelling by bus after the age of 30 could consider himself a failure. The quote is almost certainly apocryphal, but it stuck in the public consciousness because it sounded like the kind of thing that an arch-conservative would say; cars were the preserve of the rich and successful, whereas buses were how the poor, the failed and the antisocial travelled around the city. If there’s any truth in that distinction, then it damns an awful lot of people in London.”
Justin Quirk  2011

The publication, which is a limited addition off 500 copies, will be on sale here.

TOP DECK / Biscuit Building / 10 Redchurch Street / London E2 7DD.