Opening this week on the 5th November Lehmann Maupin Gallery are presenting Tracey Emin’s fourth New York exhibition; ‘Only God Knows I’m Good’. Consisting of 53 new works from a large-scale film projection, neons, sculptures, and a collection of embroideries and monoprints all representing Emin’s recurring themes of love and sex. Emin says of the exhibition, “This show for me is about drawing, about the line. To quote Rudi Fuchs, esteemed Dutch art historian, my ’salty line’. Through my embroideries, the line I draw is accentuated and extreme, which complements the way that I think. I’m on a constant search for clarity. The title of the show, ‘Only God Knows I am Good’ references David Bowie lyrics: ‘God knows I’m good, God knows I’m good, surely God will look the other way today.’ Life is complicated sometimes.”




Images and Tracey Emin quote from above Supreme Management