This month the “Bierpinsel” tower on the Schloßstraße in Steglitz in Berlin is undergoing a transformation to become the “Turmkunst” (art tower) – an open air art gallery in the centre of the German Capital.

A familiar site to locals and visitors to the city, the “Beer Brush” (named after the opening event in 1976 where free beer was given to everyone who joined the public party”  has been home to several restaurants offering panoramic views of Berlin.  However it has been closed for a while now and is currently being renovated to be reopened as a home for events and conventions.  The new owners are giving it a new lease of life by turning the exterior of the modernist masterpiece into a canvas for some of the world’s best known street artists.

Included in the Turmkunst projects are slamxhype favourite Craig Costello (AKA KR)  plus Flying Fortress (Germany), Honet (Paris), and SozyOne (Spain). Curated by Christoph Tornow, Daniel Grau, and Benjamin Link of Vicious Gallery in Hamburg. Click here for the video. For more information click here.