Here is a look at an interesting international lomography contest sponsored by Lomographic Society and Urban Outfitters titled ‘Urban Nomad’. While technological advancement over the years has made digital photography increasingly easy and accessible for virtually everyone, Analog photography has really made a come back in recent times, with its sense of authentic, raw and unprocessed appeal, the quality and feel that can only result from film photos remains an important attribute that has attracted photographers to switch back to taking photos in the traditional way.

To participate in Urban Nomad you simply take a photo with an analog camera (presumably a Lomo), and submit it into one of these three categories:

1) Where you went and how you got there .
2) What you did and what you saw .
3) Who you went with and who you met .

The contest will run from August 21st until the Septemder 14th, and the winner of the contest will be awarded a fat cheque of $1000 , the work will be put on sale on the site of Urban Outfitters, while other selected participants will discount coupons Urban Outfitters and Lomo Cameras. Being a fan of Lomos myself i think this will be quite an interesting competition to get into. Even for those that aren’t keen photographers, there is a huge range of impressive and inspirational photo submissions at the website which i think is definitely well worth checking out.

Visit the website here .