“Amber is for caution” is a new project from photographer Valerie Phillips which attempts to bring streetstyle photography into the world of fine art.

Centred around former model Amber,  whom Phillips first met when she came to a casting four years ago and quickly captivated the photographer.

“I met Amber when she was 15. She came to my studio for a casting. She was quiet and feisty at the same time, and kind of bratty and fascinating. I loved her slow-paced, drawn out Kentucky sentences, so perfectly out of place in East London. And I really liked how she didn’t seem to give a shit.

She was just Amber and that was good enough…...”

Living up to her “doesn’t give a shit attitude” Amber has recently cut her hair off, giving up her lucrative modeling career and moved back to Kentucky to become a surgical technician.  So Phillips couldn’t resist following her to document her changes in style to give a personal insight into her inspirational and unpredictable character.

“Amber is for caution” is available now from Longer Moon Farrow in March 2010 and will be on display at Lazarides Gallery in London from 8th April, and Paul Smith in Tokyo from May 2010.