Vhils, aka Alexandre Farto, has just opened a spectacular show at Lazarides Gallery Rathhbone. The young Portuguese artist has taken his unique portraiture to another level with this new body of work, as evidenced by Ian from Wallkandy’s photos.






Here’s a little excerpt from the press release.

“By re-contextualising the urban setting, Vhils explores and questions the many dimensions of cities and their inhabitants in a series of playful works. Focusing on the people that inhabit the artist’s multicultural environment Vhils draws attention to the layers that underlie it. A set of portraits of unknown faces use unconventional techniques and materials; acid and bleach eat into surfaces to expose the layers beneath, the act of destruction becoming an act of creation, posters that exemplify a consumer society are subtly converted into objects poignantly celebrating humankind.”


Scratching the Surface will remain on display through August 1.