While Scott Campbell may have become best know amongst slamxhype readers as a fine artist who’s work has taken the art world by storm, or even as the latest high profile artist to collaborate with Louis Vuitton, its through Tattoo’ing that he learnt his trade, made his name, and continues to excel. Having founded Saved Tattoo some time ago, the Brooklyn Tattoo Shop known for its high profile clientele is in the midst of a big change, a change that see’s superstar Tattoo artist Chris O’Donnell join forces with Campbell to create a new Saved, and a dream team of sorts. O’Donnell will this month team up with Scott Campbell to create the ultimate Tattoo shop, bringing his sense of unique large scale work which has through the years made him one of the most sought after and best regarded Tattoo artists in America. We visited Saved and spoke with Scott and Chris about the industry, the public’s perception of Tattoo’s and the new Saved. If you can get an appointment you’ll never go anywhere else again, if you can get an appointment being the most important part of that statement.