Weirdo Dave’s F**K THIS LIFE Zines have gained a cult like following, with the release of his second book with O.H.W.O.W we decided to spend some time in New York with the artist to find out more about him. Don’t forget you can buy EAT SHIT DIE by FTL here. Othelo Gervacio and Lele Saveri(Photos) spent the day with Weirdo Dave…

Mott Corner. Dirtbag headquarters. Daily Melt is sick. Spicy Bengal Noodle cuzz. Minimal white people spot too. If you a local they let you use the, “RAPE ROOM.”

I love walking past this magazine spot. When I first came to NYC the huge newstands were crazy. Get an orangina and call Peter Chung fool. The porn selection not so bangin’ tho.

Running into homies is essential! Ty and Neal, Niggas With Attitude. If the locals ain’t feeling you New York ain’t gonna be too cool for you. TeamWorks shirt coming soon.

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