Vans Syndicate and Ivory & Black have worked together with a host of artists from the States to curate a group exhibition. Consisting of a number of mediums, photography, video, sculpture, painting and mixed media, from the likes of Neckface, Jason Dill, Leo Fitzpatrick, Jeff Potocar, Atiba Jefferson, Meryl Smith, Weirdo Dave, Todd Jordan, Tino Razo, Chris Manute Shonting, Lele Saveri, Alex Olson, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Nina Long, William Strobeck, Jerry Hsu and Curtis Buchanan the outcome promises to impress. “What are you doing after this?” will open on February 1 and close on March 8 at Ivory & Black Soho in London.

Ivory & Black Soho / 94 Berwick Street / W1F 0QF, London UK