London based artist Will Barras is set to put together a live painting at the Grand Gallery in Zurich. This exciting talent will culminate in an exciting show well worth checking out if in the area as the artist will work during the vernissage on Thursday, 25h of September.

Barra explores movement. His work revolves around the deformation of a figurative image, creating a new form that renders speed and movement. None of his work is static. That’s why this Londoner paints sport with predilection. Always on the lookout for a new brushstroke that will take him to a place of discovery yet to exist…the streak that catches up with him is none other than his signature, which renders its speed with grace… Even when he explores new supports like drum skins, or uses very large formats, the shapes of his figures seem to emerge from deep within his being with so much power and intensity that nothing seems capable of altering a stroke.