Witchcraft is a new UK based skate and streetwear label which brings metal back to the scene.

The label is the brain child of UK artist and skater French who’s hand drawn pen and paper metal and occult inspired images never fail to make me reminisce about my school days when i would sit in class and daydream whilst scribbling rock band logos on my school books.   His worked has featured across tv, record labels, clothing and skate decks in the past, but you will probably recognise his work best from his regular collaborations with Dazed and Confused and Vice magazines.

The label also includes work from Paul Parker, Murdoch Stafford and Alan Glass. Check out their rocking preview video and get your cloven hoofs on the shirts and decks at the Witchcraft website.

Wichcraft Promo 2010 from El Glasso on Vimeo.