On January 30th, German artist Wolfgang Tillmans exhibit opened to the public at Andrea Rosen in New York. Mr. Tillmans had this to say about his own works “In a way to reconcile or address the randomness of the world today is the biggest task, to let it all in, but still hold course. Colour help me! It’s a pure seeing I’m interested in the mind being stretched by trying to pull this world of pictures together, like a bit of a screw-up. Eat this! Previous shows also often included absurd moments and odd subject matter that had nothing to do with the core narrative of the ‘real’ utopias portrayed in my pictures. But this show reverses the balance – a few pictures from ‘my world’ are met with a majority of ‘outside’ world.”

If you’re in the area check out the exhibit it runs from Jan 30 – March 13, 2010, If not then look at these photos. To read the full press release head over to Contemporary Art Daily.

525 W 24th Street, New York, NY 10011