UK artist Word To Mother is set to open his first US solo, Young Mind, Old Soul, at San Francisco’s Fifty24SF Gallery this evening, July 2. The show will feature a selection of works on mixed media and found wood, as well as a limited edition print. This is an exciting opportunity to see the rising star’s work in person so if you are in SF tonight, make sure to stop by to check it out, plus meet WTM who has flown all the way over the Atlantic for the event.


The tone of WTM’s new body of work is slightly more subdued than what we saw at his sell-out show at Stolenspace back in March, emphasizing the meditative nature and themes of nostalgia and simplicity that prevail in the pieces.



In response to the show’s title, the artist responds, “For me, the idea of having a Young Mind and an Old Soul is about retaining the freedom of youth, the creative and unrestricted energy to continue to question things and to educate yourself, whilst living with a respect and understanding of the past.”


Images courtesy of Viktor Vauthier.