Yasumasa Yonehara (a.k.a Yone) recently compiled yet another great series of photos taken during his last visit to Taiwan for the Quolomo and Aki Hoshino collaboration exhibition. Known for his seductive and sultry photography style, Yone‘s photos often has certain raw and unprocessed feel, which is again evident in this new body of work showcasing some six beautiful Taiwanese models, shot for a feature in 1ncoming magazine‘s debut issue which is due to release at the beginning of October.

Having just recently released the book ‘Tokyo Amour’ and previously worked as an editor at ‘Smart girls’ photographing some of the most beautiful models from Japan (Lena Fujii, Aki Hoshino, Maria Ozawa…etc). Yone is certainly a photographer favoured by many. 

Take a look at the images below courtesy of 1ncoming mag, or visit Yone’s official website here.


Tokyo Amour is also available for purchase now at ClearEdition.

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