Yasumasa Yonehara renown for his distinct usage of the instant film camera Cheki (comparable to the Polaroid) creating a flat and unique world of his own is currently showing his latest works at Clear Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo. Entitled “the world wants to be changed by….. “, it does not get much more real or better than this with a great collection of Yone’s appreciated work.

Yonehara has documented the “real” scene of various decades and generations, portraying what can only been seen and felt during a specific era. One of the key factors which can be seen in his works is “movement”. Yonehara captures the real moment in a sequence, and through his works, the psychological bond between the subject and photographer, the atmosphere and time proceeding of the photo shoot, and the shifting of the observer’s viewpoint can the noticed.

Yonehara disassembles, edits, and reconstructs his models in a specially made acrylic frame, creating a highly directed “real” story. In addition by the usage of a common mass produced camera, a type of anonymity can be seen from works which make his photos a more personal and private piece for the viewers.

The same specification, same posing, same frame. Although placed in a same environment each model portrays a different charm, as if they were giving a cynical smile towards the format which our modern society forces us in. Yoneharas works gives us a chance to face both the beauty and ugliness within ourselves.

“the world wants to be changed by….. “His works tell us that we are the ones who can be change the world we live in today.

Here is a look at some images from Yone’s collection of works which is open until September 27.