Jake Davis’s series of test shots continues and this time he sets his sights on renowned blogger Yimmy Yayo. Also T Magazine caught up with the man behind the blog for a quick chat.

Where have you been (recently)?

In February I flew to the United states to visit friends and travel. The last time I was in Los Angeles I was 9. I didn’t make it to Disneyland this time, but I did, however, visit the LA Gun Club, a fitting age-appropriate counterpart, I think. With three friends and four days to kill, we drove to Texas for SXSW. Not too much money and even less organization. The week was filled with terrible gas-station food, fireworks and stumbles through Austin in the early hours of the morning. Once I set foot in Brooklyn, I felt at ease; too long was spent on the West Coast in retrospect. L train every morning, some of the best food, people and parties I can recall (some I can’t). Although an incredible experience, the trip was bittersweet. I left love at home without expressing my feelings and returned back to a whirlpool of confusion, heartache and stress. Love rules all. It can raise a man to perform the incredible but also cripple him completely. A blessing and a curse.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m trying to organize all the opportunities that are presenting themselves to me. I just wrapped up Australian fashion week; there may be an opportunity to visit New York in September. I’ve been approached to help direct some music videos and live visuals for bands. Writings and editorial work as well are on the books, alongside a million personal projects I would love to do.

Where can I see it (and when)?

Depending on which goes to plan, most likely the Internet. When? The future.

Seen anything amazing lately?

Two days ago, I woke at 5 a.m. for work. The light was dim and colors gray. There was a fog resting inches from the ground, the likes you’d see in a Jack the Ripper film. Walking through a nearby park, the fog was enveloping, dense and disorientating. Due to my position, literally and figuratively, I looked across the somewhat out-of-place opening of nature to find a lone tree, almost perfectly placed. All other shapes were blurred by moisture, but this figure stood alone and true. Distant from its fellows, but firm in its standing, a place it was meant to be. Alone but at peace. This was amazing.

Where are you headed, what’s next on the agenda?

For the moment I’m staying put. Only just returning, I’m in no rush to take flight again anytime soon. If I’d have to choose, my next travel would take me to Florence or Jasper, both through winter. In relation to work, always pushing forward I guess, isn’t that the point? The agenda remains as always, to stay afloat, to keep a steady hand and a warm heart. To work and live, to love and feel. To survive.

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Source: T Magazine

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