“Gang Signs” By Couto Bros

Brazilian artists the Couto Bros present Gang Signs, a stylized look at some of the hand symbols LA’s gangs use to identify themselves. After researching and gaining permission from the gangs, the artists have ... Read

adidas Originals Stan Smith Skateboarding Shoe

Continuing to make the Stan Smith comeback a reality, adidas Originals presents the new Stan Smith Skateboarding. As the name suggests, the recent addition to the range has been updated with skateboarding in mi... Read

5 Minutes With: Greg Lucci of Gourmet

Launched in 2005 after a meeting of three creative minds -- Greg Lucci, Jon Buscemi and Greg Johnsen, Gourmet occupies a niche position in street wear, one where high and street culture are looked to as equal s... Read

Maya Hayuk Paints the Bowery & Houston Wall

The latest artist to be commissioned to paint the evolving art wall at Houston and Bowery in New York is Brooklyn-based painter Maya Hayuk. Taking over from Swoon (and a heavily bombed wall courtesy of anony... Read