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SkateBook: Book 4

I was working in Downtown L.A. the other night and I ran into my friend Salman Agah who had some cool news regarding the latest SkateBook. I am a huge fan of the publication, so hearing about Book 4 was a real Holiday treat for me. The latest edition features Mike Vallely on the cover and like always — it is absolutely packed with wonderful visual and written content. There are many great chapters in Book 4 such as: ‘Skated It,’ which is a chapter dedicated to skateboards and the battle wounds they receive after being ridden by some of the most legendary skateboarders to ever do it; ‘Fucking Awesome’ is a visually driven chapter chronicling the brand itself; and a chapter dedicated to the incendiary Lowcard magazine.

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Macaframa Los Angeles Premier

Our close and personal friend, Tak, along with our friend Jean-Marc recently put together the Los Angeles premier for the Macaframa video and it was a huge success, to say the least. Hundreds and hundreds of bike enthusiasts RSVP’d to a point that 3 showings had to be scheduled to accomodate all of the attendees. Anyway, Vimby was on hand to put together a nice video clip of the evening, so be sure to check it out.

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Nike Blazer Vintage

Here is a look at the upcoming Nike Blazer Vintage pack that is coming out in the Spring of 2009. Past vintage releases have been a hit in stores, but these are the real winners in my opinion. I am slightly biased being that I am a fan of the Nike Blazer, but these should still kill it in the shops regardless of what I say. As you can see, the shoes feature suede uppers and they have received the vintage treatment with yellowing on the tongue and the soles have been made to look a bit worn in. The colorways are pretty nice, but a bit bright for my taste.

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Solidified by SLAMXHYPE "Bailout" Opening + After Party

Tomorrow night will be the official opening of our group show that we have been working so hard on the last couple of months. The ‘soft opening’ that went down this past Saturday was really amazing, but this is the real deal here, so it should make for an epic evening. The artists are back from Art Basel, so most will be in attendance. The works that the artists submitted have been nothing short of amazing and this is a definite must show. In addition to the wonderful art that is being showcased, Sean Reveron of Rockers NYC and Shawn Mortensen will be providing the soundtrack for the evening. And as an added bonus, the fine folks at dubFrequency have put together an after party for us that will be taking place at the East Third Steakhouse located in the Arts District, which is adjacent to Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles. All in all, it should make for an extremely memorable evening. If you are in Southern California, swing by to check out this unique exhibition. Check the information for the exhibition and after party after the jump.

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