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Solidified by SLAMXHYPE Presents "Bailout"

We have been working on this special labor of love for the last couple of months and all that time and effort has now manifested itself in the form of the first art exhibition curated by us here at SlamxHype. We have assembled a great cast of talent consisting of current bloggers on our site and people that we feature on a regular basis. Jeff McMillan, Michael Leon, Steven Daily, Anthony Lister, Kevin Lyons, Butcher Block, Misery, Andrew Pommier, Robert Abeyta Jr., Jon Dragonette, and Ekundayo have all created original art work especially for this group show and with the help of Nike Sportswear, BLENDS, Oakley, and Span of Sunset, we are able to present it to you. This is the first of what will be many events that are part of our new Solidified by SLAMXHYPE initiative. You can stay up to date on the latest developments, artist profiles, sponsor features and even coverage here at the ‘Solidified’ tab.

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SLAP's Digital Departure Party

Slap Magazine will be launching their online magazine and to celebrate the occasion, they are throwing an event in San Francisco on December 6th. The function will feature a 20-person group art show featuring artists that have been featured in their Porfolio profiles. Artists such as: Don Pendleton, Jeremy Fish, Andy Jenkins, Ben Horton, Jason Jessee, Evan Hecox, Todd Bratrud, Michael Leon, Todd Francis, Jason Adams, Chris Pastras, Chris Johanson, Matt Irving, Ed Templeton, Daniel Mansson, Arto Saari, Jai Tanju, Mat O’Brien, Tony Cox,  and Taro Hirano will all be showcasing work at this event.

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Vacation Standards by Tofer

I received my advanced copy last week of Tofer’s latest book, Vacation Standards, and I must say that I am pretty hyped on it. I perused the pages for a while and was thoroughly entertained by the images contained in it. Some are totally beautiful, some innocent, some explicit, some even gruesome, but all of them leave an impression no matter what and that is why I really enjoyed this book. A lot of the suff in there is what I guess you would call NSFW material, but that is what makes Tofer’s world so damn interesting. Check for more information after the jump.

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Introducing 'Dave MacDowell'

My friend and SlamxHype blogger Jeff McMillan and I were rapping out the other day and he put me on to the work of Dave MacDowell and I was really into what I saw. MacDowell creates great depictions of classic movie characters from many great films. A pop-culture ‘who’s who’ can be found with characters from movies such as: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Stand by Me, Mallrats, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Alice in Wonderland, TV’s Lost, and many more.

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Kris Kuksi's Imminent Utopia Recap

SlamxHype blogger Dante Ross was on hand to check out Kris Kuksi’s “Imminent Utopia” show that opened on Saturday at the Joshua Liner Gallery. As you can see from the photos, Kuksi’s detailed work is astonishing. The mixed-media works appear to be so amazing in these photos, and according to Ross, the images do not do the works justice and I can understand why. Hopefully I will be in New York sometime before December 20th to appreciate the meticulous detailing of this work. Check the images after the jump.

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