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"Clowns" Exhibition Recap

I am going to take a break this week from our Sunday ‘Introducing’ piece to present to you the recap for the the “Clowns” exhibition that opened last night over at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, CA. We put together a couple of preview posts found here and here, but now we would like to show you the whole lot of them in one shot as photographed last night.

A nice crowd was on hand to check out this amazing group show that saw participation from many outstanding talents the likes of Joshua Petker, Tokidoki, Gary Baseman, Audrey Kawasaki, D*face, Natalia Fabia, Will Barras, Word to Mother, Joe Ledbetter, Buff Monster, Andrew Brandou, Alex Pardee, and many more. There was an abundance of great art on display ranging from sculptures to paintings to mixed media pieces with a lot of cool highlights. I have a lot of images for you to check, so click inside and enjoy the pics after the jump.

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Nike Air Force 1 "Crazy" by Michael Lau

Michael Lau will be getting in the mix again with Nike as a participant of the 1WORLD project thas has seen collaborations with some real movers-and-shakers. Word has it that a shoe and vinyl figure are in order for this project with a theme based off the psychiatric ward, which is probably where the “Crazy” title comes into play. We hope to bring you more details about this as the event approaches. Check the flyer inside.

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Robert Williams x Santa Cruz Skateboards "Malicious" Series

Robert Williams has completed a series of 4 skateboard decks for Santa Cruz Skateboards. The series, entitled “Malicious,” will see decks for OG Santa Cruz pro-riders: Eric Dressen, Jason Jesse, Keith Meek, and Tom Knox. Those that are unfamiliar with Robert Williams, may remember him from his recent collaboration with Vans, as the shoe company released a Slip-On and a Chukka with his work. Check the image after the jump.

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Incase Powerslider Case for iPhone 3G

Incase has announced that they will be releasing this new Powerslider case for the iPhone 3G that actually doubles as a power source, in addition to its most obvious function: protecting the device. It has a built in custom engineered lithium-ion polymer battery that is the first point of contact as far as power is concerned, and once that source is gone, it then begins to draw power from the iPhone’s battery and operates off of that. Sounds like a great product for those who use the phone heavily. Check the images after the jump.

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FLUX Screening Series at the Hammer Museum

Flux and the Hammer Museum present a quarterly screening series featuring innovative short films, music videos, features, filmmaker retrospectives and the most visual work from around the globe. The November screening spotlights two incredibly talented directors: Martin de Thurah and Nacho Vigalondo and one amazing music talent: DJ Bunny Ears. As part of this month’s program, de Thurah will present the U.S. Premiere of his short Young Man Falling plus his best music videos, and Vigalonda will share some of his rare short films. The evening will include a courtyard after-party.

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Introducing Paper Magazine's '24-Hour Department Store'

Last weekend, I had a chance to check out Paper Magazine’s 24-hour Department Store in Los Angeles, CA. It was my first time checking out this event, but it is the 4th time that the fashion/lifestyle periodical has put it on. The event operates on a “pop-up” shop philosophy, but in this case, the shelf life is a straight up 24-hour existence. So, if you were out-and-about lurking the streets of Sunset Boulevard at say, 4AM, you could swing by and pick up some new duds at any of the participating fashion labels or shops.

I ended up going in the afternoon on Saturday to see some friends that were in town from Converse, and unfortunately by that time, some of the participants I was hoping to see had tapped out and called it a night, er, day. Understandable, as doing the 24-hour thing is something difficult to accomplish. There was still a whole lot to see and enjoy as Converse was giving out complimentary screen-printed tees, Levi’s was offering some custom denim services, and Mr. Cartoon had some of his choice automobiles on display. In addition to the stuff I just mentioned, RVCA, Supreme, Undefeated, Welcome Hunters, Jeremy Scott and many more were still in the house holding it down for the folks roaming around in search of some new gear.

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