Norse Projects

Launched in 2004 Norse Projects aims to combine the staple elements of streetwear and work wear by refining them into a Scandinavian inspired high quality product.

Founders: Anton Juul, Mikkel Gronnebaek, Tobia Sloth
Founded: 2004
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

About Norse Projects

Legendary Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen was famed for pioneering a minimalist and ‘clean’ design movement which has echoed throughout Scandinavian products for the past century – arguably no more so in clothing than Norse Projects. Norse Projects was formed by Anton Juul and Mikkel Gronnebaek as their meetings through skateboarding began to encapsulate more diverse topics. Gronnebaek, a graffiti artist, was inspired by time he spent in London and on moving back to Copenhagen, set about bringing the underground movement of skateboarding and youth art into a more prominent position. The brand takes its name from the store which they opened in Copenhagen selling streetwear brands. However as the pair became increasingly frustrated that their own t-shirt brand was failing to reach a wide audience, they changed the brands name in order to team it up with the success of the store. 2008 saw the brand launch its first outerwear items, comprising of clean aesthetics and practical work wear items of high quality, with knitwear from Italy and the extremely popular 5 panel cap manufactured in the USA. The brand has been keen to stick to its Scandinavian roots with Peter Beste’s ‘True Norwegian Black Metal Study’ photographs used as prints on t-shirts. Juul has been quoted as saying he “didn’t want the brand to commercialise before it starts”; thereby darker imagery would appear to take the brand away from the mainstream norm. Norse have been keen to limit the brands they collaborate with also suggesting an integrity for the brand. Juul has also said he is keen to design clothes he “would like in two years as well”, therefore by not saturating the market and holding quality at the pinnacle of their product it would appear that Scandinavia and its design history are being reborn in Norse Projects.