Founders: Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt
Founded: Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2004
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Patta

Prior to the opening of their infamous sneaker store located in the heart of the Netherlands, Edson and Gee became good friends via the Dutch music scene. Edson was a highly respected Amsterdam DJ working at FatBeats and Gee was working in the same field for Sony Music.

Their idea of the store was more than just a retail space, it needed to be a cultural platform.

The venture was named after the Surinamese word for Shoe. Soon it became more than just a shop selling limited footwear imported from around the globe. They started doing all kinds of different projects from throwing parties to support the scene or the release of their own products.

Ex in-house artist Parra is part of the team and has been responsible for most the visual communication and design.

Over the past 5 years year Patta has worked on some extreme popular, well-edited products in collaboration with brands such as Nike, Converse, Adidas, Reebok, ALIFE, Keep, Kangol, Pro-Keds New Era, Ontour, Rockwell, ASICS, Stussy and Penfield.
Late 2009, Patta, Stussy and Mr. Wix of the Parra Soundsytem opened up a new shop under the name of Precinct 5, The old police station in Amsterdam houses the Dutch Stussy Flagship store and their new concept store named Enplus.