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Weave & Bomb

We like public art. We like non-traditional usage of different materials. We like time-lapse footage of artists. And we like to share... enjoy. "Wildlife" (Minneapolis) "Recently... Read

Converse Block Party (Seoul)

Apologies for the poor quality pics (straight off the phone in low light), but we were too busy having a chill time at the Converse Block Party that just took place here in Seoul this past Friday to even reme... Read
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3rd Unlimited Edition (Seoul)

This past weekend, Pr1zm took part in the Unlimited Edition Independent Book and Music Market at Platoon Kunstalle. A big up to CH and Lily who spent 2 days meeting peeps and manning the Krink & Arkitip boo... Read
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Kai-aakmann (Seoul)

A big up to Juhyun at Kai-aakman for sending over a little gift package today! Kai-aakman is a Seoul based fashion label making both mens and womens-wear. (If you're not in Korea, you can find the label at Saks... Read
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Recess! (NYC)

Summertime in NYC means a new breath of fresh air as pale, overworked creatives jump on outdoor activities to play. The best part of living in NYC is being both a grown-up and a kid in the same week. Our homey... Read
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Unknown in Seoul

Seoul is pretty much untapped territory for skaters and riders. With plenty of great terrain and without the hassle of disgruntled security guards, visitors always find themselves having a great time. Wonka + V... Read
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Earnest Endeavors @ Sonar

Our man Terence Teh, writer/editor/creative/Korean Fried Chicken connoisseur, will be in Barcelona this coming weekend for the Sonar Festival and he'll be rolling in with his crew - the art/music project Earn... Read