April Juxtapoz out now, Jeff Soto on the cover


We just wrapped up issue #100, but just this week, issue #99 with Jeff Soto on the cover is hitting newsstands. Things move so fast month to month that it feels like we worked on this one a year ago, but Soto’s work was jumping off the rack at my neighborhood Barnes n’ Noble, which brings it all back. Chloe Early, Augor, Word to Mother, Stelios Faitakis, and Balkrishna Arts (Bollywood poster artist, hand-painted style, the man is insanely talented) all are in this one. 

I don’t want to hype myself too much (even though I have a blog where I talk about the things I do, so I guess I get to get high on my own supply regardless), but my interview with Stelios Faitakis turned out quite good in my opinion. Stelios, or Bizare One in his graffiti days, is an Athens, Greece based fine artist, who has been making Byzantine meets graffiti meets apocalypse meets WTO riots meets Russian Icon meets Renaissance style art recently, and he really let me get some good stuff out of him. The gold is the key. And he doesn’t like hip-hop in ’09.

Go buy it if you got $5. 

And if you haven’t seen this, you should. Spike Jonze is in our next issue, and from the looks of this trailer, a good 2009 for Spike is on the works: