Barack Obama x Upper Playground x Digital Gravel

I got an email from my friends over at Upper Playground this morning, announcing they have just teamed up with Digital Gravel to sell their exclusive artist-designed Obama prints on limited edition tees through Digital Gravel’s web site. All proceeds, as always, go to creating more stickers, prints, tees, and promotional items to get Obama in the mind’s of every voter. Its a great cause; buy one if you can’t afford a campaign contribution. I love what UP has done with the Obama prints and tees. I’m proud that they have taken a lot of time to devote themselves to the campaign. The tees include designs from The Date Farmers, Munk One, Sam Flores, Alex Pardee, Grotesk, Morning Breath, and Ron English. I like the Grotesk design a lot, that red one above. . . .