Black Magazine 14

I’m that person who sits around convincing people you always have time to blog, and then doesn’t do it themselves… well I do, on the homepage everyday for 8 years now, but still… not often enough here. To be honest, I got a little obsessed with Tumblr (follow me )¬†and have neglected this space, which given this is my site, not the most strategic move.

Here’s the deal though, there’s only one thing worse than a blogger who doesn’t update their blog, one who apologises on his blog for not doing so…

I’ve been back in NZ (earthquakes and all) for a minute now, on and off, and made the decision to style a certain amount of work per year – before slamxhype, thats what I did and it felt like the right time for me to get back to what I do. Some of the work I’ve done lately is starting to come through in print – here’s the first I can share for Black Magazine.