London based artist from Ireland, Connor Harrington acquired his BA Painting in 2002 from the Limerick School of Art and Design.

Date of birth: 1980
Location: Cork, Ireland

About Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington was born in Cork, Ireland, and is perhaps one of the most successful exponents of the unification of street art and fine art. With a penchant for military re-enactments as subject, the presence of a central male figure as a reference to the masculinity of urban culture is a constant theme throughout Conor’s works. The men who feature in Conor’s paintings are typically brooding and representative of inherent stoicism, proving that graffiti doesn’t have to shock to have meaning. Conor did graffiti throughout his teens and then went to art school to study fine art. His work now is a result of both worlds, the indoor silence and the outdoor chaos.

Solo Exhibitions

“See-Saw” – 2006 Lazarides Gallery, London UK

“Quiet Riot” – 2006 Stolen Space, London UK

“Represent!” – 2004 Tigh Fili Cork, Ireland

“Liquid Identitiy” – 2003 Aras Na Mac Leinn Cork, Ireland

Group Exhibitions

“BMG AA” – 2007 BLK/MRKT Gallery, LA

“New Work” – 2006 Stolen Space, London UK

“Stench” – 2006 Lazarides Gallery, London UK

“Swish” – 2006 Lazarides Gallery, London UK

“Natural” Selection – 2005 Allsopp Contemporary, London UK

“Fiends” – 2005 Outside Institute, London UK

“Hard Bodies” – 2005 Arndean Gallery, London UK

“In Transit” – 2004 National Gallery Of Zimbabwe, Harare Zimbabwe

“Artists At The NSC” – 2003 NSC, Cork, Ireland